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Doug MacFaddin | Fun in New York City for Father’s Day

Doug MacFaddin

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June is almost halfway through! And that means Father’s Day is drawing nearer. That’s right, the national holiday designated to respecting and honoring the man you love most in life is almost here! And, while several New Yorkers already have their Father’s Day plans mapped out, there are a select few who just can’t seem to come up with an idea.


If you live in New York, you’re in luck! There is always something to do in the city at almost any time! But just in case you can’t seem to find something to do, I’ve compiled a list of three fantastic bonding experiences to share with your father.


Adventures NYC

If your father is the sporty type and is obsessed with health, fitness and going to the extreme, then look no further than Adventures NYC. At Adventures NYC, participants can perform a wide array of physical activities all aimed at promoting health and outdoor fun. Examples of activities include: zip lining, mountain biking, obstacle courses and even yoga. The event takes place the day before Father’s Day, Saturday June 17th, in Central Park. I haven’t even mentioned the best part: it’s free! So if you want to show your father you care for him, why not take him to Central Park and enjoy the beautiful weather, crowds of people and fun activities?


Father’s Day Card Making

Admittedly, this activity might be a bit more centered on young children spending time with their fathers, however, you are never too old to express your love for your parents. The Museum of the City of New York is hosting a Father’s Day card making event that will not only give participants the ability to make cards, but to also learn about two important “father” figures of New York City: Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Haswell Green, the father’s of New York finance and Greater New York, respectively. Even though the event is meant for children ages 6-12, you could still enjoy everything else the museum has to offer.


Central Park Zoo

If heading over to Central Park for rigorous physical activity is not your father’s idea of a good time, then why not head over to Central Park for a different outing? The Central Park Zoo is packed with wild, exotic animals such as snow leopards, red pandas, grizzly bears and even puffins. And after marveling at the animals, make sure to participate in one of the various activities the zoo offers, like the various zoo quests or penguin and sea lion feedings or even enjoy a movie at the state-of-the-art 4-D theater! There is always something going on in the zoo for every person of any age to enjoy!


Hopefully this small list of ideas will be able to provide you with hours of fun, memories and bonding. Have a happy Father’s Day everyone!

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