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Most Expensive States to Live In

Doug MacFaddin

· Travel,doug macfaddin,USA

Finding the perfect place to call home is tricky. There are so many factors that need to be taken into account before buying: do you want a suburban or urban environment? What are the nearby schools? What is the crime rate like? Do you want an apartment or a home? And even with all of these factors playing a huge role in the decision, one factor stands above the others: price. Regardless of whether or not you have found the absolute perfect place on this earth to spend the rest of your days in, if you can not afford to live there, the dream will never become a reality.


With that being said, for my first post on ActiveRain, I figured I would name a few of the most expensive housing markets in America. These are in no particular order or list.


New Jersey

You wouldn’t expect it, what with its less than favorable reputation, but New Jersey has some of the most gorgeous houses available. It also has some of the priciest. With an average home price of $521,477, and an average monthly electric bill of $184.66, New Jersey is certainly one of the most expensive places to live in the country. However, the state’s 1,800 miles of shoreline and its scenic, sweeping green hills and bustling Atlantic City nightlife more than make the price worth your while.



This entry may seem like a cliché choice, but it’s absolutely true. With a history of being one of the most beautiful places on earth, it should come as no surprise that Hawaii is on this list. The average price for a house in the Aloha State is a whopping $925,922. Believe it or not, that isn’t the most shocking price you have to pay on this tropical island. The average monthly electricity bill on the island is a staggering $500, and, according to CNBC, anything from a gallon of milk to a carton of eggs costs far more than it would in any other state. Unfortunately, that is the price to be paid (no pun intended) for living in Hawaii. Importing goods is a bit more challenging, so costs are higher.



The Golden State! What better place to follow your dreams and soak all day in the sun? Surprisingly, even with all of the millionaires and billionaires living in the state (there are apparently 124), California’s average house price isn’t the most expensive on this list. The median house price in California is $489,000, while the average monthly electric bill is $210. However, the sun soaked beaches, warm weather, potential for celebrity sightings, massive technology hub and sheer amount of things to do and places to see make the high price tag fade away.

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