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What Is An Agrihood?

The latest housing trend to capture the nation’s attention, an agrihood is a type of community short for “agricultural neighborhood,” and it’s as appealing to Millennials as country club and golf communities are to their parents. In fact, some developers are building agrihoods on top of golf courses rather than buy new land to begin with.

An agrihood combines the amenities of a rural farming community - namely, working community farms - with more modern, metropolitan neighborhoods. They’re ideal for active families who love spending time outside and prefer their food farm-fresh - so fresh that they even had a hand in growing it - but without sacrificing modern conveniences or environmentally friendly practices to achieve them. Solar panels and composting help make these communal farm neighborhoods sustainable and correspond with the concept of living green.

While Millennials in particular are gravitating towards this lifestyle, agrihoods are geared towards any kind of family. With houses like townhouses, single-family homes, and condos, there are options for families with different levels of income (the average home ranging from the high $300,000s to the $1 millions depending on the neighborhood) and families of all kinds. Villages are planning to include homes catered to seniors to promote intergenerational households as well, given the interest active retirees have have shown in the up-and-coming communities.

Agrihoods are a unique option to practice clean living and to cultivate an environment where people not only work together for the betterment of its residents but to foster relationships in an increasingly tech-dependent world. Though each neighborhood will be designed independently, they are popping up quickly all over the map, and plan to feature a number of different amenities other than a communal farm. One agrihood, Miralon, that began construction late last year plans to include dog parks, exercise stations, fire pits, and over six miles of hiking paths.

Paul Johnson, senior vice president of development for the Rancho Mission Viejo agrihood in California explains that, “developers are looking at what kinds of places meet the changing needs of how people live.” Where there once may have been a desire for another retail shopping center or community center, developers are listening to consumers and providing them with outlets to lead the lifestyles they want to be living. And right now, that’s agrihoods.

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