• Summary

    Doug MacFaddin is a veteran executive-level professional whose outstanding work has been seen throughout multiple industries, including finance, software development, video games and consulting. Currently, Doug is making waves throughout the real estate industry as the director of the Meier Team at the Corcoran Group.

  • Experience

    Doug MacFaddin has seen success in a variety of industries, from finance to business development and everything in between. Here is a rundown of his past professional positions.

    Corcoran Group

    Director of the Meier Team Present

    As the Director of the Meier Team, Doug MacFaddin oversees every aspect of the team's day-to-day business. More specifically, Doug is responsible for maintaining and implementing the software development aspect of the team, from conception to final product. Doug focuses on creating and pushing out a use model of the software for the team. Aside from this, Doug is also responsible for client communication. This includes new business calls, daily client management, data analysis and even document negotiations. Doug Macfaddin's wealth of experience in client communications and business development has allowed him to thrive in this position.

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    Reloaded Games

    VP of Corporate Development May 2013 - Dec 2013
    Reloaded Games owns and operates the consumer facing game portals GamersFirst.com and Winster.com. Reloaded Games also operates the game development studio called Reloaded Productions with offices in the US and UK.

    Pando Networks delivery will be merged into Reloaded Technologies and provide super-node delivery to our publisher partners.
    Doug MacFaddin worked as VP of Corporate Development.
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    Pando Networks

    Director of Business Development Apr 2012 - May 2013
    Pando Networks provides game publishers efficient and scalable delivery for their video games. We work with many of the free-to-play publishers on their global delivery with over 200 million downloads annually. The current focus is to build-out Pando's consumer facing vertical.

    Pando Networks sold its IP to Microsoft in February 2013 and the balance of their assets to Reloaded Games in May 2013.
    Doug MacFaddin worked as Director of Business Development.
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    DWM Consulting

    Consultant Jun 2011 - Mar 2012
    Initiated a sales workflow to include Salesforce.
    Doug MacFaddin worked as Consultant.
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    DWM Consulting

    Business Development Consultant Feb 2011 - Feb 2012
    Worked with management on several initiatives including website development, SEO, marketing, strategic partnerships and strategy. A world-class training program addressing workplace violence, bullying and self preservation skills.

    www.samprograms.com has sensible, field-tested solutions to counter the current NRA solution to violence in our schools.

    PhotoOne Software LLP

    CEO Sep 2008 - Nov 2010

    Sold PhotoOne Software to StudioPlus Software.


    Doug MacFaddin served as CEO.

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    Prudential Securities

    Vice President/Managing Director Oct 1990 - Feb 1994
    Doug MacFaddin served as VP and Managing Director.
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    Dean Witter Reynolds

    Vice President Nov 1987 - Oct 1990
    Doug MacFaddin served as Vice President.
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    Salomon Brothers

    Analyst/Associate Aug 1983 - Oct 1987
    Doug MacFaddin served as an analyst.
  • Skills

    As an executive-level professional who's worked in a variety of fields, Doug MacFaddin is naturally skilled in several different areas. Here is a list of his skills:

    SEO, Software Development, Microsoft Office, Windows, MacOS, Google Suite, Business Development, Finance, Accounting, Leadership, Personnel Training, Business Consulting, Analysis.

  • Education

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    University of Michigan

    Public Finance Institute 1986 - 1986
    Two week management training program. Salomon Brothers' management sponsored my selection to the program.
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    Union College

    Industrial Economics, BS 1979 - 1983
    Union's official Facebook Fanpage

    Activities: Varsity Wrestling 1979 - 1982; Captain 1981 - 1982; National Qualifier 1981 and 1982 Big Brothers/Big Sisters 1981 - 1982 Orientation Committee - 1983
  • Doug MacFaddin's Other Interests

    Although he takes his work very seriously, Doug MacFaddin also indulges in several hobbies and interests. He is first and foremost a family man, and he thoroughly enjoys spending time with his family. Doug is also fascinated with the world of technology and software. He enjoys spending time reading the latest in tech news. Doug is also a fan of video games. He enjoys the immersive worlds that video games provide. He also appreciates just how different of a medium video games are. Film, music and books offer creative worlds and experiences, but video games are the only interactive medium of entertainment; and that interactivity is what makes video games so special to Doug.

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